Efforts increase to prevent skin cancer

The Courier-News April 14, 2013

By Janelle Walker
ELGIN — Skin cancer is the most commonly reported cancer in the U.S., and its numbers are continuing to grow. Each year, 3.5 million Americans are diagnosed with some type of skin cancer — “more than all of the other cancers” combined, according to Elgin dermatologist Dr. Suleman Bangash. “One in five Americans will develop some kind of skin cancer” over their lifetimes, Bangash told a group of area residents at a talk last week sponsored by Sherman Hospital in Elgin. After the talk, Bangash even checked the people who attended, looking for any signs of potentially cancerous spots on their exposed skin. Read full article

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Mohs Micrographic Surgery & Treatment

Mohs Micrographic Surgery & Treatment

Mohs surgery is a highly specialized treatment for the total removal of skin cancer. This method differs from all other methods of treating skin cancer by the use of complete microscopic examination of all tissues removed surgically, as well as detailed mapping techniques to allow the surgeon to track and remove all of the roots and extensions of the skin cancer.

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